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The judges were more critical during their deliberation on episode three, spending a lot of time focusing on how important it is to repurpose things—and then gave the win to the room that was basically built from scratch. As a viewer and a person who cannot do the kind of work the contestants seem capable of doing, based on their bios and photos of their past work, I want to be impressed.

I want to be in awe of what they accomplished in so little time.

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But we often seen them wasting time—and again, other talent competitions have had contestants overcome time obstacles to produce impressive work. If someone on Project Runway can make a dress out of corn husks that still looks impressive even after it shrivels up, well, my expectations are pretty damn high.

The 9+ best Steampunk comics and graphic novels of all times - Steampunk'd

In episode two, the producers threw in a frustrating twist, a mystery button that anyone could press that would have a positive or negative effect. The last thing these contestants need is obstacles in their way. He has covered reality television for more than 18 years, and created reality blurred in And then here you guys are, jumping on Mr. Nakamura for not "getting" how gosh-darn awesome, revolutionary and important you guys are. OMG What have you created lately?

Prove me wrong please. It is articles like this that make me dread receiving links to design observer. Thank you for reminding me that no one can have fun anymore, that no amount of ingenuity or self expression won't go un-bitched-about on a blog somewhere.

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Steam-punk is not necessarily an aesthetic I would choose or emulate, but a large amount of the people who craft these steam-punk projects are remarkable craftsmen, and I can appreciate that at least. And in regards to steampunk borrowing from an aesthetic which borrowed from other aesthetics repeat ad infinitum. What hasn't? There is little that is made today that is original and new. I'd rather see "brass and woodgrain" that the current '80s regurgitation. Thanks, and I'll remember to save myself the acid-reflux in the future and avoid design observer and the articles that make me hate what design has become.

People are defending the fun of a hobby against willful mischaracterization and unsupported criticisms, such as the ones you provide. They aren't doing anything close to what you are projecting. Calm down. That article says a number of things about the author, namely: "I don't get it. I don't WANT to get it!. Nobody else should like it either" Also a general prevalence running through the article and a large number of the comments is the comments about laptops and computers that have been "steampunked".

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  5. The new ‘Steampunk’d’ design show on GSN is like ‘Mad Max’ meets ‘Project Runway’;
  6. Most of these comments have mentioned "Mac" or iMac" - and here we have the crux of the problem. It sounds like every Person designer or not who has commented here against steampunk, their argument boiled down to: "I love my Mac, I worship at the feet of Steve Jobs. Maybe that sort of snobby attitude has something to do with it?

    GSN’s STEAMPUNK’D: Meet the Makers of the new steampunk design competition series

    Not everybody likes the same thing. Steampunk is about being different from the mainstream, not following the sheep. Steampunk styled items are not available in mainstream commercial outlets or highstreet shops, so they have to be made by the end user instead. But, in the main, steampunk is about being FUN. Hi, I would very much like to get into contact with one of you. Do you have an email address that I may mail you? Kind Regards, Jade. And you're calling them pedants? Every generation attempts to revive what it perceives to be the best parts of a past era.

    In the 's we subjected to the "Bohemian" look, a mix of Art Nouveau and Eastern European-inspired clothes. Steampunk is no different; it's the incarnation of a bunch of "what if" imaginings by some creative minds. As with any fad or trend, there will be groups of people who will become totally immersed, attempting to carry the concept as far as possible.

    It's just a fad; let it run its course and fade away. The Babbage Difference Engine was never designed to run on steam. It's hand cranked. The Navigator It is easy to ridicule what you don't understand. This article is a perfect example of how a "journalist" tries to hide his lack of understanding by using too many words. That leads to my comments here I find it interesting how a culture built on saying how much other people's tastes suck crawls out of its holes when someone says that their shite doesn't smell like roses either.

    I can't imagine what possible grounds Steampunks have to complain about "mainstream sheep" complaining about them when all they do is complain about "mainstream sheep". I guess Cory is right - any and all criticism of Steampunk is legitimate no matter how ham-handed, inaccurate, or contradictory , and any problem with those critiques whether with the conclusions or the specifics is evidence of arrogance and self-importance.

    Thanks Cory! I contend, ladies and gentlemen, that this article is sheer genius. Please note that I make no claims about the author. The few points that might actually have basis in reality are completely irrelevant to the discussion. In fact, the article is nothing more than a purposeful refusal to understand the good points about the subculture. In doing so, it has prompted one of the most in-depth and varied discussions I have ever seen on the essence of Steampunk. What amazes me is that nearly all of the analyses so far are in agreement.

    For all we say Steampunk is a mish-mash of different things, we are in agreement that it requires a certain mindset and outlook on life.

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    The whole premise of the article seems wrong to me, to wit: "Recalling an era that is the ground zero of mass production, the cultural inflection point from the artisan to the manufactured It seems to be the ideal point to which to return, the point where things "went wrong," and we lost uniqueness and hand-made quality. The chips and technology are wonderful, and why I or anyone else should seem odd for wanting the technology to reflect an earlier, more beautiful era seems an odd target for this rather heavy-handed attack.

    You take an era and imagine modern devices in that context.

    It's the same as the devices in The Flintstones. That's all. Joseph Francis Your opinions are fair, but it seems a bit more independent research might be of benefit to you and a few others here. Your comments section has some excellent insight from people I assume are also Steampunks.

    Also, a very small thing. If you're going to reference us, it would be nice for you to use the correct terminology: Steampunks, not Steampunkers. To be so dismissive so quickly is like having a self proclaimed photographer that has a cheap instacam discuss the subtleties of the early impressionist paintings.

    Steampunk'd, Or Humbug by Design: Design Observer

    Honestly, any chimp with access to a computer can make a negative comment about something in which they are disinterested. When we drove into the industrial revolution and into the nuclear age the artistic community went deconstructionist. A rage, comment or disinterest in the technological advances. I truly find the righteous proclamations of the "Class system" in our current society to be offensive.