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Nglish: Translation of quicksand for Spanish Speakers. What made you want to look up quicksand?

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In this article, you will learn just how quicksand forms, where it's found and how you can escape its clutches if you find yourself hip-deep in it. Next, we'll find out how the ground shaking beneath your feet can lead to sand slipping beneath your weight. So head to the next page -- quick.

How Quicksand Works

Sand Dunes. This content is not compatible on this device.

Up Next " ". When the water trapped in the batch of sand can't escape, it creates liquefied soil that can no longer support weight. There are two ways in which sand can become agitated enough to create quicksand:. Vibration tends to enhance the quickness, so what is reasonably solid initially may become soft and then quick, according to Dr.

How Quicksand Works | HowStuffWorks

The vibration plus the water barrier reduces the friction between the sand particles and causes the sand to behave like a liquid. To understand quicksand, you have to understand the process of liquefaction. When soil liquefies, as with quicksand, it loses strength and behaves like a viscous liquid rather than a solid, according to the Utah Geological Survey. Liquefaction can cause buildings to sink significantly during earthquakes. While quicksand can occur in almost any location where water is present, there are certain locations where it's more prevalent.

Places where quicksand is most likely to occur include:.


The next time you're at the beach , notice the difference in the sand as you stand on different parts of the beach that have varying levels of moisture. If you stand on the driest part of the beach, the sand holds you up just fine.