Introduction to Multimedia Communications: Applications, Middleware, Networking

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RW works crucially as a browser extension. The RW have further communication with DW for performance improving and performance status. Another primary role of RW is to keep track of data encryption and decryption being done in DW working. DW distant working as the name speaks for itself is mainly responsible for remote activities for being deployed near the server or responder i. Main role of DW is to perform site dependable s and data firmness before it broadcast on any bandwidth. There may be number of web servers planted, each web server is handled by his own RW.

However, the main difference is the RW generated by the client, runs on the same client server i. RWR, handling different RWs within a single instance. The request automatically parses through the RW to their respective RWR which is then forwarded to the adapter. The client machine should be capable of handling such type of transactions; because these RWs can be located on different machines to distribute the load.

Therefore, the RWs are available in the form of hyperlinks that are clickable to access the specified RW. Browser should be configured to use the specified RWR Server. The proxy settings are the only thing which is required to do that. The set of instructions and information required to initialize the corresponding adapter by clicking the hyperlink is stored and contained in a file called Middleware Information File MIF.

Following information is stored in the MIF;.

The figures 3 and 4 are illustrating the above explanation clearly: and their appropriate MIF file. Figure 3: Client side webpage contains the list of adapters and their appropriate MIF file. The adapter will only receive and send the query on the basis of these listed relevant websites.

Audiovisual and multimedia systems

On the reception of request, the behavior of the RWR is as follow:. Up-to this point we have discussed the architecture and behavior of our WMW. Further, we discuss the technical features of WMW. We have divided this discussion into following points:.

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The reliability of our WMW middleware is unique in a sense that even on unreliable connections the data is not lost. The technique which we have used is simple; the client requests many or multiple documents while browsing normally. Each request contains a separate connection; in case of loss of connectivity the browser simply displays the broken placeholder that allows the user to re-send the request. In case of a weaker link, the DW stores the object temporarily until the request is successfully sent back to the client.

The client operations are accessible to the client by accessing the non-completed requests. In this way there is no re-request generation.

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These CMs cipher the data from the requester and decipher it at the server end. WMW is secured and reliable in a sense that the whole communication is taking place on proxies and whether how open the client side is, the CMs used at both ends will tighten the security.

There are many other options available to increase the security walls that can also be taken into consideration i. The performance factor is excessively vital for our WMW, if the performance is slow then nothing can be achieved and the concept of an efficient web middleware cannot be fulfilled. The performance depends on the geographical locations of the contacted C2 servers, where the RWs are located. The web operations and WMW delay in response are the two important factors to be observed.

These performance tests are planned to be covered in our forthcoming extended studies. Following listed issues are considered critical during operations, these issues are also highlighted in table 1.

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This research discusses a thorough and detail functionality of WMW architecture, design, security and other benefits. The following conclusions have been made:. This research is an ongoing work therefore; in our forthcoming studies we demonstrate the WMW middleware transparency and information filtering testing on various domains to have the consistency usage and firm ability knowledge.

Our future based on its implementation using a case-study and testing. Figure 2: Several request handling. All the above is illustrated in figure 5. Table 1: Performance critical issues. No Performance Issue 1. Reply query Time-outs and delays 4. Physical Sciences. College of Computer and Information Sciences. Tolk A. A general purpose proxy filtering mechanism applied to the mobile environment. An architecture for adaptive mobile applications. System support for mobile, adaptive applications.

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