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More Info Place Hold. Language Availability p Library ed. Add To List. After the Axis Institute is blown up, fifteen-year-old Cadell Piggot is unhappily stuck in foster care with constant police surveillance to protect him from the evil Prosper English until he gets an offer to join a mysterious group called Genius Squad.

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After I read Evil Genius in the library, it practically haunted me. Now that I've finished reading this book today, I feel exactly how I felt before.

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But now I have to wait longer!!! I'm a total Prosper English fan. He's just the kind of guy that runs chills down my spine, you know? If this series were made into movies, I'd be one of those crazy fans sitting outside the movie theater waiting for it to come out. And if it WAS made into a movie.. I'll go see it like.. XD Ayoo!

I am dying to read Genius Wars!!!!!!!! Genius Squad was so good and I cant keep it off my mind even tough I read it like 2 months ago!!!!!!! I really liked how Cadel wasn't the bad guy. Also, I liked the Gazo came back. Last but not least, I really liked how it was so suspenseful. The more suspenseful the better.

Please come out with Genius Wars soon!!!!!! Thanks for writing this series I have loved it!!!!!! I honestly have to say I was slightly disapointed. Thaddeus and I will not call him Prosper was way more interesting then I wouldn't be bothered by Cadel's newfound goodness, but Prosper was right, he does seem dumber.

I hope he keeps on struggling a bit with his morality in the next book, it really makes him more interesting. I thought he was great in Evil Genius! I loved the hacking references, they weren't too technical so I got what was going on, and it was interesting. Prosper is still awesome. I am honestly not a Prosper fan.


My favorite characters would have to be Sonja, Saul, Cadel, and my personal favorite please don't be angry with me Alias. I really, really wish he hadn't been evil. I liked him in the first book, and like him now. Oh well. I'm happy that Gazo came back, and the end of the book.

That's all I can say is wow. From the moment Cadel wakes up with English standing over him, I barely breathed. I stayed up waayyyyy too late reading that book. The ending was predictable, but I was happy that it ended that way. I loved Genius Squad! It was even better Evil Genius. I actually liked that Cadel became a good guy. I did sort of miss Axis Institute, though.

That was interesting.


Anyhoo, my favorite part was when I can't use spoilers, can I? Never mind. I'll just say it involved Prosper English. And a toaster. That was COOL. For some reason I think I liked the first better, but it was still a great book. I think I like Cadel better when he was evil, to be honest. My favorite character is Prosper English, hands down. Probably because he's evil, and a psychopath. I hope the third book is more similar to the first book.

But I did love both of them! The best parts of the book are when Cadel sets up elaborate plans to get back at people or escape the beginning with Mace, the end with Prosper and the toaster etc.

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Love both books to death and can't wait for the next one! To be absolutely honest, my favorite character is Gazo. The genius books are great, but each little tidbit with him makes them that muchly more greatererer. I dunno, man, I just always wind up loving the freaky-yet-endearing side characters.

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This inevitably leads to disappointment though, because my favorites' roles don't ever get any bigger; it's a sad life. When, oh, when will I learn! I would very much like to see more of him in the next installment! My favorite character is defiantly a tie between Lexi and Devon.

The Genius Wars

Loved the book, can't wait for Genius Wars. This is not exactly about my favorite character but the conversation seems to roam. I would just like to tell everyone out there that on Catherine Jink's official site she said that she was hoping Genius Wars would come out in the U. I really liked the evil genius books, my favorite character is Sonja.