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O'Brien has never had children of her own, and that may have something to do with how protective she becomes of Alfred. A master-manipulator, O'Brien is not known for her sympathetic and cuddly nature. She is a prickly woman with a sharp tongue and a harsh word for practically everyone, particularly those who are subordinate to her in the pecking order below stairs, which luckily for her, is almost everyone.

O'Brien rarely shows any sympathy, instead either being the cause of misery or being unconcerned by the troubles of others. As such, she doesn't have any long-lasting friendships, above or below stairs, not that this troubles her. O'Brien has no great investment in anyone except Thomas, but after a tragic event caused by her in the summer of where she caused Lady Grantham to have a miscarriage she's sworn to protect Cora. Her desperation to hold onto her job proved to be her weak spot. Whilst not the most pleasant woman in the world, she is mostly loyal to those she cares for.

On numerous occasions, and with no real reason, she helps Thomas and later, declares that she will never again let anyone hurt Cora. Thomas Barrow Edit In the beginning of the series, her friendship with Thomas had been long lasting and well known. Lord Grantham refers to them as "thick as thieves", and he voices surprise when he hears that they have had a falling out. The basis of their friendship seems to be a general disdain for others in the household, and perhaps a fondness for manipulation.

This friendship prompts her to help him get on in life in both Series 1 and 2.

She chooses to aid him, putting her own job on the line, in constant plotting to get John Bates fired, so that Thomas may be instated as Robert Crawley 's valet although none of their schemes are successful. In the second series, through her subtle manipulation of Cora, Thomas is placed in the hospital under Dr. Clarkson and eventually runs Downton Abbey whilst it is a convalescence home. They share a darker sense of humour than the rest of the staff and are frequently to be found plotting and smoking in the yard, although with Thomas' new found attitude, things may chill between them.

However by , Thomas and O'Brien become bitter rivals, triggered by her nephew Alfred Nugent coming to Downton to work as a footman. O'Brien is fond of her nephew, and very much wants to see him succeed. As she has considered Thomas a friend for so long, done favours to help him, and even told her secrets to him, she asks Thomas to teach Alfred to be a valet to Matthew Crawley. She is subsequently upset when Thomas absolutely refuses. Thomas had struggled, worked and schemed for 9 years to rise to the level of valet in a noble house.

Alfred is a barely experienced footman, and Thomas sees it as a personal insult to himself that Alfred could just fall into the job in a matter of weeks.

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Thomas then sabotages Alfred's efforts to clean a spot off of Matthew's tailcoat, resulting in a hole being burned through it. Thomas convinces Lord Grantham that this is proof of Alfred's being not ready for the job. Thomas repeatedly insults Alfred, and this later results in Thomas and O'Brien starting to insult each other. She says that Alfred has a nice manner unlike Thomas.

After Lady Edith is jilted at the altar, O'Brien remarks that if it had happened to her she could not live with the shame. Thomas says that it is lucky for her then that nobody has ever asked her. The situation escalates as they each then try to damage the reputation of the other. When Thomas starts a rumour that she intends to leave Lady Grantham's service, it is the last straw, and O'Brien vows to get revenge.

Cora Crawley Edit When the series begins in O'Brien greatly enjoys the authority her position gives her and tolerates Cora quite well, despite the odd remark to Thomas, until things turn sour when Cora publicly chastises her for sharing her own remarks.

Sarah O'Brien

Cora believes O'Brien to be fond of her and calls them "friends", but all the while O'Brien knows that there is a line between them she can never cross. Believing her career is about to be ended without any regard for her, O'Brien cruelly lashes out at the pregnant Cora, deliberately moving a piece of dropped soap from under the tub for Cora to slip on. Just as O'Brien second guesses her action and calls out for Cora to wait, Cora exits the tub and falls badly, causing her to lose the little boy that she was carrying.

Stricken by remorse, especially when she discovers that her job was always secure and Cora was trying to help Violet find a maid, O'Brien presumably spends the years between increasing her devotion and swearing to protect Cora. When the series resumes the relationship between Cora and O'Brien has progressed to the point Sarah is able to subtly ask Cora for favours and Cora still seems to hang on her every word.

The Ex + Tom Cora - State of Shock, concert in Budapest, 1993

Other than Thomas, Cora is the only person toward whom O'Brien ever displays any emotion. It seems the fondness now goes both ways.

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O'Brien gets Cora to agree to hire her nephew Alfred over the head of Carson. Even when O'Brien tells her that the rumour was false, Cora continues to believe that she must have said something that was misinterpreted. Henry Lang Edit Whilst Ethel Parks flirts, O'Brien immediately notices that Henry , the new valet, is suffering from shell-shock as a result of his time as a soldier. She sympathizes with him and remains quiet about his condition only to see him suffer when there is an accident at dinner that ends in disaster for Mr Carson.


Afterwards she admits to Henry that she had a brother with shell-shock and therefore recognises the symptoms; it is the only instance of O'Brien letting her guard down and talking about her home life to anyone. Confess herself to you, and ask for advice.

Screaming her head off (Part 2)

She will always be there for you, even if you are a total jerk to her. She will love you and sleep over at your house, because she doesnt believe in second chances; she believes in chances until you get it right. She is undoubtedly gorgeous. She has light brown hair, and blue eyes that you could stare into for 10 years and still be stunned by. She doesn't think she is pretty, or that she is good enough for the one she likes, but the truth is that the one she likes is an asshole who doesnt deserve her.

She does everything he wants, everything he needs to get through, but it is never enough. She still feels un-noticed like just a shadow on the wall compared to the "other" girls around her. She claims to be ugly, when you cant stand but look at her and know that she is the exact opposite. She is the best friend you could ever have, and if you find this girl Me: "God Cora is so pretty, and such a sweetheart. Stop lyinnnng! Cora is an attractive and sweet girl with a violent side. She can melt the cruelest of hearts but can rip them out in the same day.

She will light up a room with her smile but if she gets pissed off she can make the room spin and see red. Guy1: Wow! Cora is so sweet! Guy2: yea! She helps me so much! Girl 1: she's so gorgeous!

Girl2: yeah but watch out she's angry. Cora is an extremely attractive person with an amazing smile and if you know her she will make your life 10x better. Wow that girl is way more attractive than Broxton , she must be Cora. Cora is a sexy beast! She has Those brown eyes that you can stare at forever.


Her body is perfection and anybody can agree. Cora has so much confidence and is a fierce Tiger. She can also have humor. In bed she can make you scream so hard because you can't handle her. She'll make your body rock and shake. You'll love the fact that a Cora can have fun.

Don't get on her bad side though because She'll make you wish You weren't on it. Guy1: Hey damn did you see Cora today? Hmm She's so Fine!