Acta numérica 1994 - Volume 3

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3,5,8,13,22 - Number Sequences

Fingerprint Electrostatic Field. Composite Materials. Effective Conductivity.

Overlapping Domain Decomposition Methods | SpringerLink

Electric fields. Composite materials. Fast multipole Method. Magnetic permeability.

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Interface Problems. Effective Properties. Boundary integral equations.

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Potential Field. Electrical Conductivity. Please sign in to write a review.

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  • Not available. This item has been added to your basket View basket Checkout. Acta Numerica has established itself as the prime forum for the presentation of definitive reviews of numerical analysis topics. The invited papers by leaders in their respective fields allow researchers and graduate students alike quickly to grasp the then current trends and developments of Highlights of the year's issue are articles on domain decomposition, mesh adaption, pseudospectral methods and neural networks.

    Added to basket. The Calculus Lifesaver. Adrian Banner. Guide to Analysis.

    Acta Numerica

    Mary Hart. A Student's Guide to Fourier Transforms. Schaum's Outline of Vector Analysis, 2ed. Murray R. Aspects of the numerical analysis of neural networks Stephen W. Ellacott; 4. A review of pseudospectral methods for solving partial differential equations Bengt Fornberg and David M. Sloan; 5. Exact and approximate controllability for distributed parameter systems R. Glowinski and J. Lions; 6. On the numerical evaluation of electrostatic fields in composite materials Leslie Greengard and Monique Moura; 7.

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    Numerical geometry of surfaces Malcolm Sabin; 8. Numerical analysis of dynamical systems Andrew Stuart. Review quote Review of the hardback: 'Acta Numerica is a fine achievement and I think we can expect to see it for many years to come.

    It sets itself laudable and important goals and has, to a large extent, achieve them. I believe that the volumes are of enormous benefit to our subject The editorial board should be applauded for having the vision and drive necessary to create and sustain such a high quality publication No mathematics library is complete without this annual publication, and I urge everyone working in numerical mathematics and scientific computing to read it. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

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